Winter League

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Winter League

The Winter League is a fun competitive opportunity for members and staff to compete in a season long league. Prizes will be awarded for weekly play as well as for the season long standings.

The focus will be on fun weekly games and for the season long Points Standings. We will have weekly net & gross payouts, as well as a season long Gross & Net Champion.

Gross and Net Competitions will be entered separately. $5 for each, so golfers may earn prizes in each competition they enter.

Net Players may choose to play Green / White or Blue Tees. Set Tees for the Mid-Season Major and League Championship.

Gross Players tees will be listed by event.


Tee Times and participation

League Scores may be posted on Saturday or Sunday to allow for maximum participation. We realize this may result in some advantage due to weather and conditions over the course of the season but is likely to balance itself out.

Only one score per weekend may be posted.

League members must register prior to teeing off weekly.

Draws will only be made for the Mid Season Major and Tour Championship Events.

All other events will be “Drop In” (Booked tee times or Sat Drop In)

League Members may book their own tee times any time on Saturday or Sunday, or use the Drop-in times Saturday morning.

Staff Members may participate in Winter League.

League Season Fee: $20
Weekly entry: $5 Net / $5 Gross


League Format

Season of 12 Events.
8 individual Events
4 Team Events

1 Mid Season ‘Major’
1 Seasons Ending League Championship

Match Play

Winter Match Play. Qualifying Scores and seeded draw. Single elimination) Qualifying to be completed on the Oct 16 / 17 Event.  Prize payout from Portion of the League Entry Fee.

Pay Out Schedule / Points System 

Points For Season Standings:

Reverse total for place finished based on total number of players in field.
For example 10 players in the field. 10 points for the winner, 1 for last place.
Ties will result in shared points. For Example T – 3rd with a 10 player field will award 8 points for each player. Points system will be tracked weekly and posted.

The Mid Season Major and League Championship Events will offer Double Points

Weekly Prizes

30% of Gross Field based on total entries

30% of Net Field based on total entries

Prizes will be distributed via Credit Book at the conclusion of the season

League Championship Finals & Mid Season Major

Additional Prize money available in the Season Ending Tour Championship to be supplemented by the Tour Entry Fees. Double Points to be earned in these events.

Season Standings

Payout for total points accumulated over the season will be paid out to the top 35% of the tour members in both Gross and Net. Season Standings paid out from of Tour Entry fee.

Rules of Play

  • Standard Tournament & Local Rules.
  • Provisional Rule for Lost Ball is in play
  • Net Players Play Combined, Red, Green, White, Black or Blue Tees
  • Gross Players Play Tees Assigned for the Event
  • 18” “gimmie” putts allowed. Putters to be marked for measure. Any part of the ball lying within 18” allows for a “gimmie”
  • Play in 4 hours and 20 minutes or less.

Winter League Schedule


2021 / 22 Winter League Schedule
Date Format Gross Competition Tees to be Played
Oct 16 / 17 Individual Net / Gross Blue
Oct 23 / 24 Team Best Net Blue
Nov 6 / 7 Individual Net / Gross Black
Nov 13 / 14 Individual Net / Gross Blue
Nov 20 / 21 Team Best Net White
December 12th Mid Season Major – Ind Gross and Net Gold Tees – All Players
Jan 8 / 9 Individual Net / Gross Black
Jan 21 / 22 Team Best Net White
Feb 5 / 6 Individual Net / Gross Blue
Feb 19 / 20 Individual Net / Gross Black
Mar 5 / 6 Team Best Net White
March 18th League Championship Blue
* Net Only Players may play Green / White / Black  or Blue Tees in Each Event