Sea Cav Golf Tournament

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2021 Sea Cav Full Field Results

Nonie Marler finished 2 under par for two days to capture the Ladies Sea Cav Title. Marler carded an incredible 11 birdies and one eagle on her way to the titel. Deb Sneddon won the net division with a 144 total.

    The Men’s Competition came down to a thrilling finish with a 3 way playoff. Taylor Fancher, Eric Koskiuk and Chris Mancuso all tied at +5 after 36 holes. The three men tied with pars on hole number 1. Fancher came through on the 2nd playoff hole with a two putt birdie on #11 to take home the trophy. Mars Cabbigat ran away with the net title this year with a 136 total.

    The Sr. Men’s division was won by Bill Sneddon (154)who edged out fellow member Greg Kocher. Rick Mark won the Sr. Men’s net with a 139 total.


    2021 Sea Cav Golf Tournament          
    Sunday August 1st Draw
    Tee Time
    7:30Bowles, Larry121102S
    7:30Rupert, Fred10386S
    7:40Prince, Dana9988S
    7:40Thompson, Craig9882S
    7:50Scarr, Don9985S
    7:50Scarr, Michael10081S
    7:50Moroso, Greg9183S
    8:00Warnes, Dean9888S
    8:00Doyle, Pete9783S
    8:00Minard, Ernie9682S
    8:10Armstrong, Bob9788S
    8:10Mitchell, Dave9687S
    8:10Larsen, Howie9075S
    8:20Harrison, Frank9278S
    8:20McArthur, Jeff9186S
    8:20Johnson, Jerry9085S
    8:30Bezaire, Albert9884M
    8:30Paul, Robert9678M
    8:30Carrier, Michael9580M
    8:40Mackenzie, Ardan9376M
    8:40Maisonet, Jeff9284M
    8:40Dixon, Robert8977M
    8:50Hu, Sam9080M
    8:50Cabbigat, Marcelo8665M
    8:50Gibb, Phil8673M
    9:00Hanson, Chris8580M
    9:00Parker, Brian8683M
    9:00Spence, John8482M
    9:20Cotter, Bob8963S
    9:20Coldwells, Allan8876S
    9:20Dempster, Wally8878S
    9:30van Vooght, Norman8781S
    9:30Armstrong, Larry8673S
    9:30Scarr, Rob8576S
    9:40Smith, Larry8870S
    9:40Nestman, Dave8680S
    9:40Pulice, Anthony8679S
    9:50Whyte, David8678S
    9:50Rippon, Tom8582S
    9:50Kemp, Douglas8473S
    10:00Mark, Rick8473S
    10:00Gaines, Pat8379S
    10:00Anderson, Ian8366S
    10:20Murphy, Paul8676M
    10:20August, Marty8568M
    10:20Martin, Gareth8484M
    10:30van Vooght, Steven8375M
    10:30Madill, Neil8278M
    10:30Potesta, Robbie8285M
    10:40Hincks, Ken8276S
    10:40Chambers, Rick8179S
    10:50Cotter, Judy10469L
    10:50Ulmer, Penny9880L
    10:50Code, Linda9371L
    11:00Hemmingsen, Anita9374L
    11:00Chernoff, Melanie9276L
    11:00Pulice, Shaun9280L
    11:10Sneddon, Deb8872L
    11:10Monroe, Robin Lee8377L
    11:10Marler, Nonie6970L
    11:20Gilmore, Sam8173S
    11:20Stallwood, Jamie8178S
    11:20Creed, Mike8075S
    11:30Kocher, Greg7979S
    11:30Land, Kevin7972S
    11:30Sneddon, Bill7980S
    11:40Linker, Brent7878S
    11:40Richmond, Ed7771S
    11:40McGibbon, George7573S
    12:00Burns, Taylor7983M
    12:00MacKinnon, Sean7975M
    12:00Magrath, Brian7978M
    12:10McAleer, Mike7979M
    12:10Ancheta, Virgil7974M
    12:10Chivers, Doug7878M
    12:20Quin, William7877M
    12:20Peckinpaugh, Dean7868M
    12:20Fancher, Taylor7776M
    12:30Mancuso, Chris7672M
    12:30Martin, Matthew7676M
    12:30Marler, Angus7573M
    12:40Killam, Ryan7576M
    12:40Benson, Mark7471M
    12:40Kosiuk, Eric7370M


    49th Annual Sea Cav Golf Tournament   
    July 31st & August 1st, 2021
    Men's DivisionScorePrize
    ChampionTaylor Fancher149$275.00
    (2nd Playoff Hole)
    Net ChampionMars Cabbigat136$275.00
    1st Flight Low NetChris Mancuso141$75.00
    1st Flight Low GrossEric Kosiuk149$75.00
    1st Flight 2nd NetMark Benson145$55.00
    1st Flight 2nd GrossDoug Chivers150$55.00
    1st Flight 3rd NetAngus Marler150$35.00
    1st Flight 4th NetRyan Killam152$30.00
    1st Flight 5th NetMatthew Martin154$20.00
    2nd Flight NetDean Peckinpaugh141$75.00
    2nd Flight GrossVirgil Ancheta163$75.00
    2nd Flight Net RUMarty August142$55.00
    2nd Flight Gross RUSteven van Vooght165$55.00
    2nd Flight 3rd NetPhil Gibb144$35.00
    2nd Flight 4th NetArdan Mackenzie148$30.00
    2nd Flight 5th NetPaul Murphy149$20.00
    Sr. Men's Division
    ChampionBill Sneddon154$275.00
    Net ChampionRick Mark139$275.00
    1st Flight Low NetKevin Land145$75.00
    1st Flight Low GrossGreg Kocher156$75.00
    1st Flight 2nd NetKen Hincks152$55.00
    1st Flight 2nd GrossGeorge McGibbon156$55.00
    1st Flight 3rd NetMike Creed152$35.00
    1st Flight 4th NetEd Richmond152$30.00
    1st Flight 5th NetJamie Stallwood153$20.00
    2nd Flight Low NetBob Cotter141$75.00
    2nd Flight Low GrossRob Scarr170$75.00
    2nd Flight 2nd NetIan Anderson146$55.00
    2nd Flight 2nd GrossDoug Kemp174$55.00
    2nd Flight 3rd NetHowie Larsen149$35.00
    2nd Flight 4th NetLarry Smith149$30.00
    2nd Flight 5th NetAllan Coldwells152$20.00
    ChampionNonie Marler142$80.00
    Net ChampionDeb Sneddon144$80.00
    Net RUAnita Hemmingsen145$45.00
    Gross RURobin Lee Monroe155$35.00
    Net 3rdLinda Code149$35.00
    KP #3 MenPaul Murphy
    KP #9 Sr. MenDoug Keamp
    KP #15 Men'Phil Gibb
    KP #17 Sr. MenTony Pulice
    KP #17 LadiesAnita Hemmingsen
    LD #11 Men LowTaylor Burns
    LD #11 Men HighAlbert Bezaire
    LD #11 Sr. Men LowNorman van Vooght
    LD #11 Sr. Men HighMike Scarr
    LD LadiesNonie Marler