Public Update on Course Operations


Fall 2020

The priority of the Sunshine Coast G&CC remains to be the health and safety of the members, staff and public who visit the club.   Tee Times are by reservation only. No Drop Ins. Additional spacing of tee times will be instituted. A further announcement will be sent when tee time booking is available.

Public Tee Times are available.

Call to Book a Tee times, or LINK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE.

No Drop In Golf Permitted.

Following Booking your Tee Time Please Pre-Pay Online.












  2. If you have Covid-19 symptoms or have traveled in the past 14 days, please do not enter the facility.
  3. Please use Handwashing Stations
  4. Stay in your car until 15 minutes prior to your tee time
  5. Max Occupancy 4 Customer and 2 Staff in Golf Shop
  6. One Person in Clubhouse Washrooms at a time (Men’s & Ladies)
  7. On course Washroom Facilites will be open as of June 2nd
  8. Please see Below for Range Operation Details
  9. Locker Rooms are open. One person at a time please
  10. Follow the direction of staff or marshals immediately
  11. No Drop in Golfers. Book Tee times online or by phone at 604-885-9212.
  12. Upon completion of your round, please do not loiter. People will be welcome on the patio for food and beverage service Wednesday thru Sunday

In accordance to the Ministry of Health guidance, all players must remain a minimum of 2.5 Meters apart at all times.

Golfers must use the Handwashing Stations situated on the course.

Thank you for taking these initiatives seriously, to help contribute to the health and  safety of your fellow members, staff  and the general public.

All golfers must make a reservation prior to coming to the club. No Drop in golf allowed at this time. Public Tee time reservations may be made up to 2 days in advance by phone to the golf shop.

Some modifications to playing the game will be in place. Some for safety, other measures to assist with efficiency for our grounds crew.

  • For our initial opening we will be allowing groups of 3 Golfers, in 12 minute intervals. Groups of 4 Players starting Thursday May 14th.
  • Flags are to be left untouched at all times
  • Golfers may choose to play preferred lies in the playing area
  • No rakes in bunkers. Golfers may play preferred lies in the bunkers
  • All Ball washers have been removed
  • Please refrain from sitting on benches

Golfers are encouraged to walk. Carts are for single rider use only. Exception for

Pull Carts are available for rent

Rental and Demo Equipment are available for rent at this time

Max 4 customers at a time inside the store. All individuals entering the golf shop are required to use the Hand Washing Station prior to entering.

Inside Food and Beverage Service
Starting Thursday October 29th, 2020

Please review the information below regarding food and beverage operations that will be offered in the clubhouse.

Thank you for your help in knowing and following the protocols.

We are making our best efforts to follow provincial guidelines, and promote a welcoming and safe environment for members, visitors and staff.

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted from asymptomatic people to others who are in close contact through respiratory droplets, by direct contact with infected persons, or by contact with contaminated objects and surfaces. 

When considering the Sept 18th BC provincial health order and the primary methods of Covid transmission, the following protocols will be in place to help protect members, staff and the community as we move our Food and Beverage operations indoors.

Indoor Food and Beverage Service Guidelines for Members and Guests:

  • To reduce the risk of droplets, we ask all guests to wear masks indoors.  Of course masks will be removed when eating or drinking but once dining is complete, mask wearing is again required.
  • Access to the building will be available via the inside staircase adjacent to the golf shop. The outer staircase leading to the deck will no longer be used to access the dining facility.
  • Please wash your hands in the lower bathroom prior to heading upstairs.
  • There will be a hostess table set up at the top of the indoor staircase and guests will wait to be seated. There will be no mingling at other tables while guests walk to be seated.
  • Please remain seated unless to use washroom facilities or to leave the clubhouse.
  • With the exception of the All Access bathroom for use by guests who have limited mobility, bathrooms upstairs will remain closed for the following reasons:
    • No staff to monitor the bathrooms and constantly disinfect.
    • Bathroom doors are currently left open but due to the layout and privacy doors have to be closed if used.  Guests could congregate in that area.
    • The hallway leading to the bathrooms is very small and there is no space to social distance guests or staff.
    • Lounge area in the ladies room could have guests congregating in that area.
  • Banquet room has been measured with consideration of 2 meters spacing between chair backs and:
  • There are 6 x 8 ft tables with 6 per table, 2 x 6 ft tables with 4 per table = 44 guests. We removed the round tables as they took up too much space and gave fewer seats.
  • There will be 3 x 8 ft tables with 6 per table left on the deck = 18 guests
  • Total indoor/outdoor seats = 62
  • A drop table is placed at the end of each table for food/drink zones.
  • We will use metal chairs, not the upholstered indoor chairs as Covid can survive on fabric for 48 hours and we are not able to disinfect upholstered seats.
  • We will remain open Wednesday through Sunday but will change the hours when we are ready to open indoors to 10-6 (future opening hours will change as daylight hours change).
  • The open indoor staircase will allow access to the downstairs bathrooms.  The railings will be disinfected twice a day.
  • There will be no access to the member dining room.
  • There will be no access to the bar or kitchen counter areas.  All guests must remain 2 meters from the bar.
  • To reduce the risk of transmission by respiratory droplets the air exchanger in the banquet room will remain on, in conjunction with the ceiling fans, circulating the indoor air up and out.  Also, a few windows will be open a crack for cross ventilation.
  • There will be hand sanitizer on each table.
  • Menu boards will be in place in the banquet room.  No hand held menus available.
  • All other protocols put in place to re-open food and beverage services in June will remain in place.

The following is the latest provincial health order issued Sept 18th with regards to Food Primary and Liquor Primary establishments.

  1. Patrons must be able to maintain a distance of two meters from other patrons unless they are separated by physical barriers.
  2. If patrons remain on the premises, there must be sufficient seating for them, whether at tables, booths or counters, and patrons must be seated.
  3. In licensed premises, patrons must be assigned to a table, booth or counter and shown to their seats.
  4. Liquor may only be served to patrons who are seated.
  5. Patrons must remain seated in all premises unless to use washroom facilities or leave the premises.
  6. There must be a sufficient number of staff at premises, to ensure that patrons remain seated.
  7. There must be a sufficient number of staff at premises, to ensure that patrons do not congregate in areas of the premises.
  8. Patrons who are not in the same party must be seated two metres apart from one another unless they are separated by a physical barrier.
  9. There must be no more than six patrons seated at a table or booth, even if they belong to the same party.
  10. There must be a distance of two metres between the backs of the seats of patrons seated at adjacent tables or booths, even if members of the same party are seated at adjacent tables or booths, unless the adjacent tables or booths are separated by physical barriers.
  11. You must determine the maximum number of patrons who can be accommodated safely on your premises, taking into consideration the requirements set out in the sections above and must document this maximum number in your safety plan.
  12. You must monitor the number of patrons present on your premises and ensure that the number present does not exceed the maximum number in your safety plan.
  13. You must take steps to prevent the congregation of patrons outside your premises, such as by taking reservations and requesting patrons to remain in their cars or elsewhere until notified by telephone or an App that there is seating available for them on the premises.
  14. You must assess your premises for places where patrons may congregate and take steps to avoid congregation.
  15. You must use physical devices, install markers or use other methods to guide and assist patrons in maintaining a distance of two meters from other patrons if they are not seated.
  16. You must monitor your premises and remind patrons to maintain a distance of two meters from one another.
  17. Background music and any other background sounds, such as from televisions or other electronic sound producing devices, must be no louder than the volume of normal conversation.


    Range will be open from  8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. (Last Ball Sales)

    Short game area is open for practice with personal ball use only.

    Covered stalls open. Please practice Physical distancing in this area

    Grass Tees Open – Max 6 people on grass Tees

    Putting and Chipping Green. Max 3 people using it at a time.

    Putting, Bunker and Pitching area remain for personal use balls only

    Bathroom Open

    Members / Visitors will not be offered carts for transport from the clubhouse to the range.


    Thank you in advance for respecting the rules and regulations outlined. We will continue monitor the fast changing health environment, and recommendations from the National and Provincial Health Authorities and adjust our practices accordingly. We hope to see you all soon (from a distance).